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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  March 9, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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right now. good at morning welcome to fox 8 news f in the morning is wednesday march 9 almost 6:00 a.m. bit is a mild start look at that 61 degrees outside it's going to be another nice day. my name is wayne dawson let's get right to scott sabol and see what's happening weatherwise at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. huge range in temperature more so than yesterday them by the fact that we don't have nearly as much) released of some pretty good wind.
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here are couple of the official weather service readings down into the low 40s in the sheltered areas some of the valley locations upper 40s and worcester look at manso cloudy at 50 a rare country close to 60 here at fox that you head out into the portions of the outline errors of ashtabula county and look at that rock creek at 41 degrees. you compare that to be bridge at 40 to be rich strands i 57. the temperatures are all over the place. that's where it will even out. it will be much warmer by noon in mid 60s and most of us will be well into the lower and middle 70s a record high of 71shlele tions ul roc tstthrere with more about the rain coverage not so much effort going to see rain back how much. that and more in just a few minutes. we are in sky fox traveling for 80 eastbound headed towards i to 71 and we're going to go down to broadway forbes were cap at broadway forbes i'll show you-camera shot. and the accident happened around 120oc a.m. that's and they got the firstgo call over and bedford jude trucks are involved one is
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on the scene trying to clean that you can see this is passed broadway forbes. it's been out there it happened after 1:00 a.m. through here it is at 6:00 a.m. traffic is moving okay but if this days i cannot imagine it to said they went would be a pleasant ride. we're headed that way in sky fox will give you the details momentarily in our next report back tome you guys in the studio.o. it's an outcome that is leaving with their jobs on the floor. just bernie sanders defies the on the note doubt about that all of this is one week before the ohio primaries there's a lot going on. jessica dill is at tri-c see where mrs. clinton was just before hearing the news from michigan.mi >> good at morning. job dropping news is right. some analysts are already say
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sanders could show some of the pulling areas them primary history a lot of people did not think that bernie sanders did not win -- could not win but he did. and for making the phone close that created this kind of these enormously successful my for us. bernie sanders won the democratic primaryo and an upset that delivers a sharp blow to hillary clinton's pope of quickly securing for part of his party's nominations. both candidates can focus on next tuesday right otheron northern stay comes into play,ay northern ohio. clinton was rally here were she spoke about everything from the
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republican to tamir race. when the young man tamir race was shot, that was painful for everybody. so i believe that we have to invest in every community we have to help everybody succeeds because of that will be good for all of us. hillary clinton will be returning into town on saturdayay with details on her visit the corporate media count of thisco the polls and said we're way behind that we won. thank you measured in. i'm sure she's feeling good aboutg himself. new life for sure. onto the road and said were
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donald trump roughlymo stacy fry is at the q where he expects to be standing on that stage in july. yesterday's contest was a big blow to john kaisch who was counted on a win in michigans governor kaisch coming in third he managed to pull off an upset
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the other three contestk both of those have over 300 delegates everyone else's away come away lowest. donald trump has about a third of the delicate he needs to
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30 percent of the new though. he works unstoppable at this point. memphis she quietly change the law to report 17 notes with it in on the date of general general election fromet the interpretation of the said all this on the boxes have been debated his they did an overwhelming supports fire crews
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sparked a deadly policet fence and muffins held a candlelight vigil last night they could not get back inside for kick in fact her mother's her trying to get through her window for him to save the girl.h i used to live over here i know all lot of the families. it's unbelievable. and sad. many in the community have been donating close and other items to the saint ambrose church to help bridge 24 families who are now out of their homes. a gunfight ended with the ball going for home and hitting a six -year-old little girl and the lake. investigators found that several shots had been fired just before 7:00 p.m. without at least onet round hitting a home in that areat and entering the little
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the bullet in thew child only suffered minor injuries they arrested chantalh part. he's facing several charges more arrests are expected. it is 6:08 a.m. your weather and traffic every eight minutes is just ahead find out what he was throwing over the fence next. in this man is accused of stealing next theater and destroyed a building find out what he said in court. our updated fox 8 our forecast. if this works out oakwood it up and we could be well above our highest-rated a bigger question is how much rain are we going to get behind that. we will have a look in a few minutes. unfortunately, wee have a powerful on to 71 i give you all
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in cleveland the high including the 73 record high an accident 71 as the clouds thicken up will have a few sprinkles developing on radar.
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deep and sisters to funnel we fall back into the 50s widespread rainfall as daytime heist in the mid- 60s even with rain. about an inch of rainfall here this is finishing up the early evening and then we repeat the process again over the weekend. late saturday is a good chance of a get reigned on on sunday. fox 8 news is your officials school closing station that will
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system deeper into the evening not good for us. that's okay. patty harkin has a look at traffic. this is not gorgeous. not so much below spray bermaner are effective. wewe have an accident and often that fedex trucknt that diesel is still involved. now the cleanup crews are out there. good news is nobody was injured
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change passed broadway forbes how it will affect your morning commute. thank you very much.ff the catch fire israel must be wipedel out written on them. the show of force comes as joe biden visits who strongly oppose the deal with i ran. it is shocking it up as a scheduling problem the secret servicere through several items of her might have sent my memoir computer foster is what it is six suspected of shooting a
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sundayp is expected to survive at happen one day after he looked the part at a campaign rally for ted cruz it was named by guinness book by guinness book of world records as the most successful producer of all time
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type. that lasteded about 20 seconds he stole and access later that belongs to his mother and tore apart a building the mom was trend up by the presence of hese cut that there. her son is bipolar. there are not 157 confer cases they are reportedly doubling weekly the should be new plate donations it is known to cause birth affects and pregnant womenn rise and shine was turning onto the air wonderful wednesday morning in the city we do weather and traffic every eight minutes. d a shocking story coming up this
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is a kindergarten teacher, surprising thing is just how drunk she was.
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we are in sky fox and ambassador. those other guys and gals trying to clean up this mess. s that right lane is affected the accident involving that fedex
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is lena does continue this is to 70 went northbound.h as promised i said the backup that start to really fill in and it that looks like were going to have a mess as this cleanup does anytime soon. at least the weather is nice always looking to the positive the temperatures have been all over the place you notice the reading the worst will even out the temperatures from southwest northeast as the morning goes on solon at 42 and north olmsted
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same deal withthn sandusky with mostly cloudy skies. it's warm and breezy pit is adyez possibility that if you think of as thehe clouds increase the 73 in cleveland for the record. what is the make a run at that but tired record is considered as broken any way the rain is going to start tonight r rainfall will continue through most of thursday look how widespread this will be. ring in pretty good rain in the morning the temperatures will still stay well above normal n with times of rain tomorrow is not going to be the greatest of days witht rainfall numbers the perching engines and mid- evening on thursday. eight-day send it back to you. the kindergarten teacher has been fired fornd drinking on the job not just drinking a little bit.t. todd meany is here with this crazy story. parents of a kindergarten and
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and they heard what happened during class that i can't believe this to information that's been coming out. she had a blood-alcohol content of at least .40. five times the legal limit could have is the highest reading oni the breathalyzer pitch he had and another she was so drunk that she fell onto several children. they reported here but administrators has a because she was basically passed out that the first time it happened five years ago she signed a last chance agreement after being caught drunk at school at the district has urgedert her three timesee to get help. lively she stood teaching >> facing angry and scared. it was mine -- after the other teacher would get rid of them thath teacher winter investigator pictures
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so how do you drink it to bemi to have that kind of a blood-alcohol content death may occur just below .37 anything higher is fatal for everyone. 6:27 a.m. more on our topp story this morning is being called one of the biggest upsets in primary history. we will break down the number straight ahead. w
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announced. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals.
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this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. most buns just hope to keep a hamburger together. but the new bun on a dave' s double brings a hamburger together. the perfect ratio of bun, to beef to toppings to...other bun. that' s the key. to the hamburger harmony of a deliciously different dave'
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good at morning.
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here fox 8t we've had a few spots at 60s. but most basis of 70s he's ever had as much of 2012 that was an interesting spring was one of the warmest marches we've ever had we had 11 days of the 70sf and five days in the 80s if you remember how early spring began back in 2012 that was also kobe it off winter of 2012 which is warmer than this one so it's interestings we kind of forget about thatf winter because of that two very cold winters between here at the want that
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temperature from o'leary down into portions of southern lorain county.po lakewood at 58. fifty-six in. record height at clifton is 73 back into the 1870s most of us will make a run at that. look at the cause of the chances of rain which will steadily climbed overnight in the well over texas is building. this is a huge system as it says that it's finally up office tropical moisture out of the caribbean affect gulf of mexico
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we won't see much of that until early tomorrow morning predawn tomorrow morning that morning rush on thursday it's going toi be rainy and breezy the temperatures will climb back into the 60s good coverage on the rain on thursday quickly this rain moves back out of the picture late tomorrow evening and by friday i think were going to squeeze out some peaks of sunshine there's a widespread rainfall from northern ohio down into western portions of kentucky. we mentioned how interesting that's going to be will have about a 15th degree temperature differenceve friday and saturday dry with late saturday and into sunday another lotus outda into early on monday will have several distinct chances of rain tomorrow and saturday a night through early wednesday morning and in between botha of those systems will have some drier weather withr
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50s and 60s. fox 8 news is your officials school closing station producing some picking up through the mulch. that's exciting. hopefully they will be snowed on the next couple of weeks. i had to bring it up. let's toss things up to patty harkin who has a look at traffic. >> good at morning. we are in sky fox over in bedford. this is where crews are doing there working on what's left of gems going to accommodate us with that shot here and show you y that they are back to before for 80 your backing quickly down before route along to 70 went
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open up a window andnd enjoy the backup. you have the right lane blocked we and kristi back to you in the studio. topping our headlines in one of the biggest shakeups in the political season bernie sanders upsets hillary clinton wish winning the michigan primary. no doubt about that. jessica dill is that try seeth where hillary clinton was when she heard the news. >> good at morning. hillary clinton has been hoping to wrap this nomination and grab it fast. how ever after bernie sanders wine in michigan there really splash the hope of getting that nomination ties. his his win in michigan a shocking to many asa she was sleeping infant polls have him on 20 percent
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make delicate rates w and it represents an embarrassing speed bump to pull away from the sanders campaign be cheated winning campaign and mississippi and continues her focus her focus to ohio. but bernie sanders game pages gave her a huge shakeup. i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan t we repeat feud at the polls that is 20-25 points below. this campaign is about building a future for every american can live up to his or her full potentialhe the matter where you come from what you look like or who you are. l >> a new cnn poll has just been
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leading in ohio and in florida. we was see how much the polls matter this time around next week. >> it's the second super donald trump was the big winner on the second super tuesday taken the republican primaries in the states of mississippi and michigan. ted crews is the winner of idaho. stacy fry is at the q with more. >> donald trump winning crucial victories in mississippi and delegate rich michigan. strong finishes does bit of her. brothers of attacks by opponents and republican establishments. i don't think i've ever had so many horrible things that about me and one a trump is not the only republican winner of the night ted cruz one
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here in ohio were polls showed that they are statistically very close a must win for each of them. i believee with all my heart that the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be in nomine of next tuesday. governor kaisch reference a new wall street journal nbc poll whichc has some of the 11 points and third place nationally ahead of mark overview in behind donald trump and ted crews per the latest poll that just came
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the slimmest of margins that's the server point of each other. in other news that indians are giving us more reasonon to take the whole family out to the ballgame this season former restaurantl t dante's inferno will all be serving special food and drinks of the located in the lower level on third base that makes a total of 12 total businesses shows part of the tribe's commitment to city businesses. the support we've been able to get from the community and the local vendors to bring back cleveland experience i hear and progressive field is awesome.
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boston red soxop on april 4 but some experts believe that they are waiting to see if the nfl suspense and her n assaulting his ex-girlfriend in texas last month that happens they could get some bonus money back the team will take a stand and move forward. if you're just getting up it is 6:40 a.m. an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead. should 17 -year-olds be able to a vote in the primary if the pet at the time of the general election todd is taking your comments next. head over to to vote for the next fox 8 cool school. we will announce the winning school tomorrow and feature them
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here is the fox 8 hour outlook. will be in the mid- 60s by the lunch hourth near 60. first starting out much more giving the position's president and what we are anticipating rain i don't see my we can make a run at 70 and route by some record high temperatures. whole lot going on right now not a whole lot of rain until well after midnight tonight will talk more about that rainig and look at that eight-day forecast and see whether or not we aree anticipating another shot over the weekend as we turn the clocksn ahead late saturday night. we are on this accident to 70 went northbound past broadway. in conjunction with the accidentde in the right lane being blocked
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there to to 70 northbound as blocked as is the forbes entrance those rooms that in 270 went was on blocked as well they're trying to keep as much traffic offff the right lane is blocked as crews continue that's good news but the bad news conferencece you are now backed up before large road i had their wayne and kristi back to you in
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let's get plugged in. you wouldn't think of 17 minutes it be able to vote that they can.17 the filed a federal lawsuit john houston when it comes if you here's the statute. you can vote at the primary election.e you can only nominate a candidate your kids have been government and politics second
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secretary of state says only certain elections. he feelsns that you are electing someone you're elected delegates. you're not just nominate ana candidate. running for mayor put you into friends are actually putting for a delicate and then have the republicanh nominee you're not hour to do that this should even though it's been happening since 1981. these lawsuits have been filed and he welcomes the losses because of his interpretation. they be able tont participate ina these elections by the time they turn 18 in november. i want bernie to live forever but i don't want to mess with the voting age. the same rules to apply for everybody. this is just our secretary of
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changed at the end of 2015 which happens to20 be leading in the presidential election. did you even know this is possiblele that 17 -year-olds were allowed to voteol in the election. time for the career job part of the day.
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let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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and what they need moving ahead. good morning. >> ted cruz scored an upset an with the increasing we it is my second home i love florida i love florida it is a special
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well in ohio cruz one idaho kasich came kiss it came and third in michigan mistake he was hoping to pull off an upset m to see some soul-searching and the polls. the state of ohio reaching out to all of the state as well as the rest of the world. just give me a chance. >> john kasich did picked up a lot of the lead late deciders
7:07 am
upset by mitt romney here in ohio. the latest polls a cnn poll shows donald trump leading john kasich here in the state of ohio 41 - - 35 but the margin of error is 5 percent. a very slim lead here in ohio out. >> turned off the lights, the parties over . >> fire crews still trying to figure what sparked the deadly blaze claiming the life of a four -year-old girl friends and loved ones holding a candlelight vigill singing songs for kick in this issue just turned four last monthth they were able to get her two sisters outside but could not get back outside for kick in
7:08 am
get through a window to save herur >> it is unbelievable it is so sad to try to do i what she could. >> many in the community up and have been donating close and other things to help the 20 for families who were heard in the fire. >> asking for help us morning as they try to find a missing 15 -year-old girl investigators say she was last seen around 1230 yesterday they say she left school on our her own in mayhey be a runaway. she is 5 feet tall about 135 pounds blue eyes brown hair. anyone who sees her is urged to call chagrin falls police.. >> trying to resolve a federal lawsuit before going to trial for 12 -year-old were shot in november of 2014 after a callin that someone waving a gun it turned out to be an airsoft
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city and the police department. >> the time now is 7:08 a.m. >> this test overseas could mean more sanctions to one nation we will add a after the break. >> good morning, everybody here is the fox eight hourgo we are looking at temperatures climbing back up into the 60s 34 is the record. patty? >> good morning to you, scott. we have an issue over here on to 71 we will give you h all the details check in walk in or call us today find your way to the best care at the cleveland
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7:12 a.m. is your time right now the news this morning is a man is continuing a series of muscle testsin i with two more this
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a resolution is calling for you and with the nuclear warheads program claims these are not designed to do that the obama administration says they do not violate the nuclear deal. >> the man accused of shooting a pastor you through several items over the white house fox concluded computer flash drives he is accused of shooting outside a church on sunday he is h expected to survive it happened one dayect after a crew. >> recording icon surcharge margin margin is best known for his collaboration with the beatles and stretching the boundaries of pop music you
7:14 am
lonely hearts and and one of the greatest pop icons of all time his manager said he died peacefully at home on tuesday. ay he was 90 years old. >> thirteen minutes after 7:00 o'clock is your>> time right now. >> we have a look at youris commute with patty harkin. >> we have had this purple him since problem since basically 1:00 o'clock this morning. the accident vehicles our current. also the broadway and chance to 71 northbound also blocked as well police are up there at those intersections you can see that shot there. i'm sorry,
7:15 am
eight they have the right lane blocked as they continue to clean up. recentb it outside to t scott with a look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. yes the weather does not get much better i get much better than this.s.thno we are looking at the numbers back in march of 2012 just four years ago, was the warmest march on record we have 11 days. >> seventys with five consecutive daysys d and that was about a to one of the driest and one muste and we will take a look at the current weather with high clouds and winds are picking up a little but with high clouds moving and it starts to stabilizeh hvi the temperatures and
7:16 am
range in temperatures that philly still a 45 cap bread and the record high is 71 we should pass that out pretty quickly. here is texas and then all thatat rainfall will make it in here i don't think we will see the change. and then it continues throughout the day on thursdayrsda here is the right way wake rain
7:17 am
60s tomorrow by thursday evening the rain starts by may be can to only begin to partially clear out and that is the projection on the rainfall which is good with at least an inch of rain over the 12 - - 14d hours and then there is another one looking more unsettled with frequent kisses of rain with the w daylight savings timesit we came an hour in the evening, notice and then notice the temperatures early in the week pretty much staying in the 50s. fox eight news is your official school closing station. the winner of 2011 - - 2012 was even warmer than this winter we kind of forget about all that .
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>> seventeen minutes after 7:00 o'clock is your time right now. >> talking about the 17 -year-old eligible for the november election if you were 17 around this time and will be 18 in november you could build for a president you have that ability but that will change our secretary of state says you should not be able to vote should 17 -year-old at this time for that will begin to moving
7:19 am
presidential primaryfo a lot of time to talk about this and government when they are seniors especially if they have the right to vote secretary of state's's is just like thest wording of a include could be another thing with prosecutors and stuff like that the presidents is nowi s should 17 -year-olds be -year-old be allowed to dominate the president? we have your thoughts and comments coming up. >> the time is 7:18 a.m. >> we look at we take you inside and how our state took the role in bringing slaves to freedom.
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are herek they gave me a little flavor favor and opened up
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will come back to fox eight news in the morning. kenny crumpton's game today. >> we should see him coming downmi the hill any second now and this is exciting. >> it is it's kind of like watching paint dry. he really is coming. he is so excitingl for the use of such an athlete he loves skin here he comes. my should form. look at
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all right. we got stuck at the top but we are here now. good times. b the season is really stood. >> people come out and have a good time out here. >> a little snow action out here. if you want to do a little spring skiing here in clevelandd it is a lot of fun. >> yes, for sure. >> when we come back, we will tell you how they had the snow here and we willh have an end of the season fashion show as well.s >> okay. thank you, kenny. the termite now is 7:25 a.m. >> the risk for the white house's heating up in is heating up in my buckeye state u we have the democrats and the republicans.
7:26 am
tied to the underground railroad we will show you what is pretty this incredible story to lie. >> it looks like some changes coming up, start sable scott
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good morning, everybody the last time we have thisg was back in early november the most 70 degrees days back and marchesma in 2012 after the 20112012 weather which statistically was slightly warmer than this weather hard to believe thats wasli three winters ago. t and of of course that much was actually the warmest on recorduc we continue throughout our journey herere even though that winter here were is fairly mild look atl akron at 51 showers in toledo we have to keep an eye on a littleli
7:30 am
showers i could affect us today used is already pushing 60 painesville 59 record high temperature clevelander 73 akron is 71 we will probably go pastly that by the middle of the afternoon any showers suffer up the fire up will be lightft some really to the west. it is tonight the rain will develop and become pretty lengthy and fairly strong heading into early tomorrow morning if you wake up to steady rainfall be for and in then the rain begins tonight andn tilt till it ends late tomorrow afternoon foxing is is your official school closing station it is traffic time with patty. >> good morning. thank you. to 71 northbound this morning we had an accident happened after 1:00 a.m. chris up in on the scene since then. they arey almost done with cleanup but they saw have the right lane blockedl to 71 northbound past broadway the back backup 71
7:31 am
has just been a mess and a as to 71 northbound that is the deal along to 71d if that is the way you are added you will have to watch out for that. >> back to the studio. >> it is an outcome with animals and experts on the floor with their job. >> it was incredible last night all of this just one week before w the ohio primary say want to to check in once again with jessica who is live inche tracy where clinton was last night before hearingight the news for michigan. >> good morning. >> good morningan, everyone. shocking news here jaw-dropping checking is here jaw-dropping as you said some analysts are already saying this could be some of the big biggest polling errors in primary history nobody
7:32 am
but i guess what, yesterday youa in michigan. >> i want to thank the many thousands of volunteers we're that in we about in the state of michiganhoth for making the phone calls if we had an enormous and successful might. >> bernie sanders won the michigan primary in ansa upset that delivers a sharp blow to hillary clinton's quickly securing her party's nomination for hours, se it was too close to call that way to save cnn projected sanders was the ones winner by two percentage points two days ago they had bernie sanders 20 - - 25 points below hillary clinton now- both candidatesn can focus on next tuesday were another northern state comes in with ohio. theyo were rallying here last. night with clinton when she talked about everything from the weatherwi to republicans two to
7:33 am
you know, when a young man was shot, it was painful for everyone. not just from here but fromju across the country. i believe we have the best in every community we have to help everybody 60 because that will bebe good for all of us. >> bernie sanders took to twitter at last night sayingg corporate media are counted us outc the one michigan if anything, weaning christie, thise helps people get out and vote it does not matter what the polls but anyone can get out and vote for those who it is going to be. >> it will be at a tight what no doubt about that. >> jessica reporting live from tracy metro this morning thank
7:34 am
the coin with three more wins is given donald trump a third of the delegates he needs for the republican nomination we are live at the queue where hemi expects to be standing and that'sue on that stage in july. >> good morning. yesterday was a big blow to ohio governoror john kasich can was counting in a victory w in michigan leading to next tuesday'sn must one of his homem state of ohio governor k-6 casey finishing third in michigan justst behind ted cruz. although, casey pointed out two weeks agoth his numbers were in the single digitsnu after the wind in idaho, donald trump took the other three mississippi michigan and ohio and mitt romney has reported robo calls in their home stateep with the primaries next week campaign of all the height yesterdaymp tuning in toi columbus to watch results he
7:35 am
highlighting his rise in national polls the latest from wall street journal of nbc shows them at 11-point sitting in third place ahead of marco rubio11-p >> our campaign is rising in the polls based on ar vision and a positive message and stay out of negative. candidates both of us have over 300 delegates everyone else is way, way, way below us. >> trump has about 100 more than ted cruz about a third of what he needs to te take the nomination the nomination the will be out convention will be held here. >> meanwhile, northeast ohio and streaming of the getaway will
7:36 am
allegiant airlines has new nonstop flights to florida starting may 19 travelers will be t able to fly from akron canton airport to orlando the first 22 people to book their flights willo get a refund for their round-tript collegiate is offering one-way fares for as low as $39.. >> a gripping new series called underground based on slaves escaping from a georgia campus tuition plantation to ohio will appear premiere tonight and john legend euros from springfield, ohio will take viewers on a genericc for freedom. that iss never been done before. it is not just about slavery it is also about the human experience. david spiegel said that what they todd with a cast in la many of them are very proud am and found of northeast ohio with the
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>> johnny they are very, very good there are some things happened that changed that happened that changed my life forever, so h canton, ohio will be a special place for me always. >> i had fuddruckers i believe and i got sick to my stomach i was in a hotel throwing up, but i did love this video is of the city it was very beautiful. >> i can't wait to go to his i got to as i got to catch me a cavaliers game. >> you've got that right. underground premieres tonight on wgn america at 10:00 p.m.:0 >> a great cast.0 >> your time right now is 7:37 a.m. more trouble with chipotle as they aaa as they have another viral outbreak. >> remember to head over to to vote for your next" we will announcete the winning school tomorrow and future them
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while come back to fox eight news in the morning it is 7:40 aaa restaurant closed temporarily close temporarily after an employeeaa to others were also also suspected of having the virus the company says they are onls for customers this comes afterfo 150 of its customers who dined there were six back in december they are still reeling from an e. coli outbreak earlier this year several of this us locations. >> notice a change in the mac & cheese? no one else diddi either prof removed all artificial preservatives and dies fromal the mac & cheese that last year replaced it with thee newer artificial less artificial ones. the company has sold more than 50 million boxes of any mac
7:42 am
wondering.i an insult this year national retail federation says americans tend to spend around $35 around the holiday about a dollar less a master according to st. patrick's day survey more than half of the money will be spent on food and beverages the remaining 45 will be spent on apparel accessories and decoration. >> kanye west next adventured maybe furniture design they had pop artistmay went to sweden and spent some time in a design vision the company would not confirm a collaborationio but left the option open saying time will telll he has already collaborated on shorelines for adidas. >> he is always looking are given credit forhe that. >> and then talking about running for president.h >> you know, this year he might have a chance you never know t let's get plugged in with todd. >> that will 17 -year-old be able to vote for him if they turnedwb 18 in the general
7:43 am
this morning. >> a couple of lawsuits you been filed to burn file bernie sanders is filed a lawsuit hear the state of ohio because up untiltat a few months ago, 18 -year-olds - - 17 -year-olds werey going to be 18 in the general election were allowed to the president not anymore. here is the code which is what bernie sanders says should be allowed to happen at a primary election, every qualified is or will be on the date of the next general election et norm an 18 or more will be allowed to vote in a primary election.eore there are some phone calls. >> yes, i think 17 -year-old should be able to vote. if they are going to be 18 when my son turned 18, he was very excited to votee for the u president election.
7:44 am
to know if there is an age limit for the resident to run and others one for them that there is anth intimatee for them to begin running.for but bernie sanders is 74 years old. b >> very true. very true a lot of the president's are up there when itr comes to the beach, but they only have to be 35 to b start. no age limit on the top we are asking this morning do you think 17 out two of been able to vote in presidential front primarieses since 1981 should be able to continue to nominate a candidate for the november election? your thoughts and comments coming up get a hold of us on facebook, twitter, text and voice know. just end and the blaster the secretary of state i looked atoo the law again i don't think the wording is right i don't think they should be able r to nominate a presidential candidate i think
7:45 am
other things they are all races and congressional races he cannot elect somebody to go to the delegate choose to nominate kind of convoluted but do you think the 17 -year-old should be ableol to have that ability? >> your time is 7:45 a.m. thousandsy of planned to attend former first lady nancy reagan's funeral today. >> and kenny crumpton is all on about today we will check in tuned. weather day on tap. scott has a look at the forecast before you
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good morning, everybody. y the sun is out in the temperature is climbing out in the middle 50s temperatures approaching 60 we had a few
7:49 am
there is a chance in areas will to the west talking areas of clinton and out near tiffany and norwalk where we might see a lone shower later on loan shower later on for the most partn friday unseasonably warm the rain develops tonight can you continuing through thursdayel with the mid-sixties friday a little bit coolerrt we may have to adjust the temperature a little bite a better chance of rain sunday night into monday. and then wednesday and thursday of next week's fox eight news is your officialou school closing station that traffic time with patty.
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police> responding to an accident three vehicles involved cleveland firere on the scene of a s house fire under control the other problem we have had all morning long with the earlier
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we will show you the
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